Frequently Asked Questions

Qn. Can I access an application form online?

Yes, you can contact the Y-Save office by e-mail or on our social media platforms.

Qn. What is Y-Save in full?

Young Savers Association for Ventures and Enterprise

Qn. How can I join Y-Save?

For one to join Y-Save, you MUST be a Watoto Church member belonging to a home cell and actively involved in ministry.

Qn. What process does an individual go through to become a member?

An individual upon qualifying to join Y-Save, will obtain an application form, fill it in with the required recommendations, then submit it for approval. Upon acceptance, a registration fee and  one share payable to the society is made and you can start saving immediately to enjoy our products and services as a member.


Qn. How long has Y-Save been in existence?

Y-Save has been in existence since 24th January 2000.

Qn. What are the benefits of a Y-Save member?

As a Y-Save member, you enjoy various products that will enable you to grow financially. Our savings and loan products help you save and invest wisely. Y-Save gives you access to a network of like-minded professionals. 

Qn. Where does Y-Save draw its membership?

Y-Save draws its members from Watoto Church

Qn. How shall we benefit from the shares that we buy?

Shares attract dividends at the end of every financial year. Shares can also be used as security when a member takes a loan.

As a shareholder, you are one of the owners of the organization. Buying shares is a lifetime investment that can be passed over to your children and great-grandchildren. 

Qn. What do I need to get a loan?

You must be a Y-Save Member and actively saving for at least 6 months. Accepted security includes Y-Save shares, savings, and property in form of land.

You provide the following:

A filled copy of the loan application form, Current payslip, bank statement. A business plan may be required in case you are taking a loan for business investment. You will also be charged loan application fees.

Qn. Are there top-up loans?

A member can be given a top-up loan or re-apply for a fresh loan only when the member has serviced a given percentage of the previous loan amount.

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